Design & Build Services

Some R&M Builder's work

R&M Builders offers a full Design & Build Service. This includes everything from our architect's blueprints, to the final decorating touches. Below are more in-depth details.

Our Architect

We have an in-house architect who our clients can liaise with at the during the design process. We ensure that our clients' input is incorporated and allow for changes at any stage of the process.

Our Structural Engineer

We also have an in-house structural engineer who works closely with our architect, to ensure the design process remains organic but still practical. There's nothing worse than accepting an excellent design, only to find out a bit later that it cannot be implemented. Our clients can be assured that any design presented will conform to local building authority regulations.

The Construction Process

A R&M Builders foreman is always on-site at all times, to ensure an efficient and accurate construction process. We have a permanent staff who are widely skilled, and highly experienced. Should the project demand it, we can call upon a number of external contractors, with whom we maintain great relationships.

Our clients' input is valid at all stages of construction, allowing for design changes to be made at any point before implementation. We understand those last-minute decision changes!

Our Workshop

We have a timber workshop which can be used for the creation of bespoke joinery, for individual projects. This ensures that we can deliver original timber pieces, and are not constrained to using standard fare. We like to leave our clients with something special, at the end of the day.

If you wish to have a chat with us about a project, contact us by phone or email, or why not ask us to pop round for a friendly face-to-face chat… learn more »

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